SelectaDNA 100 Business Kit is designed for small businesses, institutions, kindergartens, schools, etc. Labels and protects at least 100 valuable items and prevents burglary and reduces internal shrinkage by up to 83%.

SelectaDNA Business Kit 100 Labels contains:
1 pc. 26 ml. bottle containing SELECTADNA UV tracer, microdots and unique secure DNA code in water-based adhesive
100 pcs. round safety marks. In sizes 17 mm., 22 mm. and 28 mm. (can not be removed without cracking into tiny pieces)
2 pcs. double-sided window safety marks. Size 7 cm.x 9.5 cm.
2 pcs. door safety labels. Size 7 cm. x 9.5 cm.
1 piece. hard plastic outdoor safety sign w / 2 screw holes. 7 cm. x 9.5 cm.
1 piece. green swabs for applying the liquid.
1 piece. registration and user guide.

Registration in international register (database) for as long as desired.

100 registration places in the database.

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